any big fights coming up? What happened??

I haven’t seen any big announcements outside of the 3 fights we just saw…but I know Dana was saying they wanted to do something every week.

Did I miss the announcements? I thought Woodley was fighting in May?

I see a may 30 card listed on mmajunkie with 2 fights announced, and a June 6 listing for UFC 250 without any star power (IDC about Nunes vs. Spencer even a little).

I assume there’s been more fights announced that mmajunkie isn’t listing yet?

This isn’t meant to be a shit post where I talk about how everything sucks blah blah blah. I’m genuinely curious if I missed announcements because we’re 12 day out from the Mat 30 card and I only see 2 fights listed. Did they cancel the card and it didn’t get reported?

If UFC 250 is next, we’re less than 3 weeks from it, and it looks like half the card still needs to be announced. Likely Woodley vs Burns moves to that?

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I think Las Vegas is still up in the air as a fight location right now. I think the Ufc used up a lot of the last minute willing pandemic fighters. A big portion of the roster is overseas and can’t travel easy.

Good question…we just had a burst of UFC events but I have no idea what’s next…I keep hearing about Fight Island but when will it be ready?!

Woodley/Burns is fucking meh though…Woodley/Edwards was great though

250 looks terrible even if it’s free, I’ll pass

I Won 30 bucks last card....daddy needs to make it grow!

Sgt_Doakes_Got_Jokes -

I Won 30 bucks last card....daddy needs to make it grow!

Don't know where you are located, but I know for a fact that there is parts of Western Madagascar where $30 USD gets you like a 5 hooker harem for like 2 hours.

I'm just saying.