Any BJJ/Grappling in S.E. NJ ?

Wondering if there is any BJJ / Grappling style academies in South Eastern New Jersey.

Basically, Anything from Burlington/Ocean counties on down.

(I already know about Ricardo in Philly)

Look up Kurt Pelligrino, he is a Renzo purple and has a few more purples there to train with, plus his wrestling is top notch. He has classes all week long, i think its in Brick? I go every week and still dont know what town it is.

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I'm pretty sure KP's school is in Toms River.

Buff - Andy Ruggiero in Brick, newaza-focused Judo academy. Many BJJers train there, including, occasionally, Kurt Pellegrino.

Ricardo's is in Willingboro, which is about 1/2 hr. drive E of Phila - depending on where in Philadelphia you are.

Kurt is in Toms River.

Phone: (732) 714-9390

Location: 931 Fischer Boulevard, Toms River, NJ 08753

Classes: M-W: 7:30-9:30 Gi Sun: 10:30 NHB Noon no-gi

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I cannot believe I cannot find bjj instruction in middlesex county nj.

andy and kurt are both awesome choices


"(I already know about Ricardo in Philly)"

Almeida? Ricardo is in Burlington County, bro.


what about south like vineland or AC?

just trying to get an idea of whats around.... thinking of moving maybe


There's a JKD school in Vineland. Warrior Tribe Martial Arts? They've got that Erik Paulson Combat Submission Wrestling program there.

On another thread, someone also said there's a Judo club in Vineland that's pretty well regarded...


"I cannot believe I cannot find bjj instruction in middlesex county nj."

None in Mercer either.

In Mercer County there is a Straight Blast Gym in Hamilton, not purley BJJ but a good amount of it.

Isnt the capital (Trenton) in mercer!? I thought for sure there would be something there!

How about the Freehold area... It looks like a bigger town?

Ricardo Almeida and Kurt Pellegrino are probably the best choices for grappling in the state. I've trained with both and they are definitely worth the drive...

Buffgeo Trenton does not have much of anything .There are plenty of state office buildings.9 to 5 Monday thru Friday type of city .It is a ghost town after 7pm and I would not walk around that town at night.