any BJJ in Singapore?

anyone know of any bjj or muay thai in Singapore? i will hopefully be moving there, if i can train of course.

check out the club directory at

any other affiliates besides Machado? just curious

BenBJJ,can you give me more info about Machado and the mma school? It seems that the machado school is not your first choice of recommendation. I am moving back from melbourne and thinking of continuing my training in singapore. thanks

Any info on Darren and his club (what he teaches, ranking, affiliations etc)? I was down in Singapore and saw a couple of posters but didn't know enough about him to drop him a visit.

BenBJJ wrote:
"I think Jason has some higher grade guys there now also, but im not too sure. But it is still machado... "

Ben, so what if it is Machado, it's not any different from any other BJJ.
Don't quite understand your mentality here....
Is this a criticism or are you stating that the school is still Machado despite other higher grades being there??


ROFL @ BenBJJ and Cam

Thanks BenBJJ for the info. Yes Jason is a nice guy and I did manage to go to the Sing Judo Club. Again, they were nice guys and went out of their way to help me out.

Cam I'm with ya but I think BenBJJ is just joking around :p

BenBJJ, your ignorance amuses me young padawan
You should check the lineages....then you will perhaps see

yeah I did get it....... ;P back at ya