Any BJJ/MMA schools in Hong Kong??

I will be in Hong Kong last week of april, for 5-7 days, and would like to roll while i'm there. Would any of you know where I could train there? I heard there was a decent Judo Dojo there, but I would rather train with guys who specifically do BJJ/MMA and have been doing so for a while.

Also, would anyone be interested in private lessons or hosting a seminar/workshop? I'm a brown belt in bjj, been doing muay thai a long time, and fight in mma professionally.

For those with info, please drop me an e-mail at I will check here on the forum as well.


I am not sure if this will get to you in time.
But there is a BJJ club in HK here is the contact
details of one of the guys.

They are great guys and you would be most welcome.