Any BJJ near Santa Monica, CA?

A friend of mine is relocating to Santa Monica, and we were talking about BJJ schools in the area and we couldn't think of any big ones we've heard of in that area...Any help?

Street Sports BJJ
Renato Magno - Machado Black Belt

Rickson's academy is not that far from Santa Monica.

Angelo: I trained at Street Sports once after the day after the Pan Ams in '03. Renato and every one else there were really easy going. I think the school is a lot bigger now b/c back then they were in the process of taking over the space right next door. I would say your friend certainly wouldn't go wrong there....

Cool, thanks guys! Any others to check out?

TTT for later!

this friend of he short brown and goofy looking for an old guy? :D

Rickson's school is just east of Santa Monica, like minutes away.

Please tell me it's not Carlo or Darvin that is moving?

unfortunately Big D my brother is moving next friday...he jsut got the go signal.