Any C2C AM fans out there?


I used to listen religiously back in my younger 3rd shift days (12 years ago). Im gonna download some episode to listen to. So my question is what is some of you favorite subjects on the show? Hell maybe even specific episodes?


I've always liked the Bigfoot and Alien Origin shows. Also guys like Lear and Lazar have some crazy shit to talk about too. So what shows/subjects do you guys suggest?






Haven't caught it since it moved off regular radio.

Noory is good, but Art was the best.

My favorites were the "life after death" episodes. Phone Post 3.0

*raises hand

damn anyone?


this thing on?

Used to listen to it all the time back when Art Bell was host and I did a lot of night shifts.

I don't really enjoy the show much anymore...I always got the feeling that Art was having a good time with the subject matter.

Somewhere along the line it seems to me that Coast to Coast got a little more political, more serious, and it lost it's lighthearted fun spirit.

I catch it occasionally. Noory is not as good as Bell. I was excited when Bell came back to satellite radio, but it quickly ended and he signed a multi-year non-compete clause. So I guess we won't be hearing from him again.

If you are into this stuff, I would recommend

1. Dark Matters Radio (go to previous downloads for years worth of archived shows with everyone in the paranormal / ufo / conspiracy world)

2. Radio Misterioso - (Long time paranormal researcher Greg Bishop does a great radio show and has a robust archive)

3. The Paracast - (decent radio show, though it has too many commercials and the hosts always blab about liberal politics, however, there are some good shows)

Aliens. Phone Post 3.0

Metal Box Combatives - Aliens. Phone Post 3.0


Black eyed children and disappearance subjects too. Phone Post 3.0