Any catch basin French drain wizards here?

Been making some major changes to my ‘yard’ and getting to the stage where I need to figure out how I want to collect and divert a fair amount of water runoff.

I’ve dug out so I have a decent slope running along the lowest spot, that runs down the yard then kicks across (trenched down and sloped) across the back of a driveway.

So, my question is, where do I put/not put a basin, and does the plan sketched out below make sense?

Because I’m down pretty deep at my low point before crossing the drive, can the basin be fully buried? No grate? Does that defeat the purpose?

Thanks drainage wizards!

Sketch coming

Gravel pile should do it but could undermine the driveway

I’d get to the other side of that drive for sure
But I’m definitely not an expert

It’s a fair amount of runoff, so I want to pipe it across the drive to a little creek. In spring, the whole back of the drive where the ‘culvert’ is shown is a sloppy mess from forest runoff

Because I had to get down to create the slope for the perforated pipe on the right side of the drive, I was worried I was ‘too deep’ for a catch basin to work properly. But the perforated pipe will only get the water coming from one side, not from the back.

Not sure if I’m describing it well

I just spent hours staring at the worst blue prints ever. I can’t even look at your drawing until tomorrow


My drawing is to blueprints what a sparrow is to Tyrannosaurus rex :t_rex:

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Another masterpiece to illustrate my situation.

The little arrows are where I have a sloped trench dug. Water is successfully following that line down and across, but I need to fill it back in.

The large arrows on the ‘bedrock’ show where rain/forest runoff comes from.

Pipe from the catch, under the drive, to the creek should work.

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You can’t cover the catch basin grate. Why would you want to in the first place?

i would recommend putting a cleanout at the start of your perforated pipe and getting a pipe cleaning attachment and a pressure washer for yearly maint.

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I’ve got one at the low spot if my yard, you can see the cap of it where you access the sump pump if you ever need to replace it, and then it’s goes a 6 foot French drain coming off to help direct more water to it

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Cause ideally, to keep the right slope/flow in the inflow pipe, it’s gonna be well below final grade. I’m wondering if it can be buried.

I know you can get them with and without grates, just don’t know what I’m compromising if it’s buried.

Good idea. That should be doable

I’m hoping to do it all with gravity, no pump.

How long a gravel drive we talking? That’s a lot of water, assuming it’s a decent hill to the right of the drive. I maybe would’ve put in a 2nd culvert under the driveway, and tie them together on the other side. But, i usually go for overkill. Do it right the 1st time. I guess you could always add that later if needed.
If it’s that deep, you can get deeper basins, but i would use a grate, unless you’re burying it with gravel on top.
If it’s a lot of water, I’d go with a catch basin.
Also, the only experience i have is dealing with the horrible draining situation on my property

there should some type of adjustment rings for bringing it to grade.

Why do you want the culvert there? Is that the best or only spot you can put it? If it ever fills up, it’s just going to over flow into your driveway. If possible, I would like to see it on the other side. It wouldn’t hurt to have a slightly sloped driveway in the direction you want the water to go. It’s hard to judge without a pic of the scene

OP I think you’re head’s in the right place here, pics would help, but we’ve used similar methods to collect water and route it out of the area. Just make sure you size everything for worst-case flow (floods) and you should be good. All the other input is good.