Any Catch MMA prospects?

In MMA, the great Kazushi Sakuraba put first put Catch on the MMA map. It was really the first time people starting asking about Catch and realizing that there's more to grappling than just BJJ. For the past few years, Josh Barnett has picked up that baton and ran with it, really creating serious interest in Catch for MMA. My question is, are there any up and coming prospects on the horizon to help continue the presence of Catch in MMA? A good, strong, young contender that may be someone to look out for in the future?

johnny huskey and billy wicks top student matt coven just left for california to train with erik paulson for about 6 months. erik is very impressed with him and wants to set him up in some fights.

Sounds very interesting Drew.Can you give us any more info on him,and does he have a website or anything??

Catchy, I'm pretty sure Josh Barnett credits Paulson as his coach.

Erik Paulson is Barnett's current coach, but he does credit Billy Robinson for much of his Catch knowledge.

Catchy has lost his mind. For sure you've never seen the Pauson-Hume fight. One of the greatest displays of skill in MMA.

As far as grappling, I have done some with him and he knows whats up.

I believe it was an Extreme Fighting Championship from Battlecade.
Imo, Paulson is a knowledgeable, nice guy, who could kick ass back in the day. Shooto lightheavy Champ.
I love his material, it has it all catch/bjj/jkd/judo/sambo...

"It's my understanding that Josh Barnett credits old time catch wrestler (1960's-70's) Billy Robinson....btw....does anyone know who Billy Robinson learned from? If I'm not mistaken, he was a Wigan guy who trained under Billy Riley. Is that right?"

Having recently read Dynamite Kid's book, if I remember correctly this is right.

Dynamite mentions going to Riley's gym and getting worked over by the bigger guys pretty hard when he was just a kid, mentioning Robinson.

I'm not 100% sure 'cause I read the book in one sitting on a plane so it was a lot to take in, especially the rapid-fire way the book is written, but that's the way I remember it.

"does anyone know who Billy Robinson learned from? If I'm not mistaken, he was a Wigan guy who trained under Billy Riley. Is that right?"

  • I think he may have learned from Billy Joyce, by that time riley was an old man and would sit around and watch and show you about 3 holds. Riley was big on giving the guy a front headlock, and then dragging the go behind. Joyce was one of the best from what I've heard.

Brothers Joe Robinson and Billy Joyce (aka Bob Robinson) were responsible for much of the training of that generation (Karl and Billy Robinson).

(From what Karl tells me, they didn't emphasize precise technique but methodology. They wouldn't show you the exact way to do things but how to figure it out on your own. That is a great approach IMO)

Spencer Robinson said something to the same effect, regarding the way the Robinsons trained. I posted it before, but I'm too lazy to find it.

Paulson is 9-4-1, only been subbed by Carlos Newton. I wouldn't call that terrible.

I spent off and on about 2 years working with Billy and most of catch stuff actually comes from Matt Hume and myself. Stiil, Billy showed me a lot of stuff that I use everyday so he's had a big impact on my game.

Erik is my coach and has been for a little over a year now. Erik has taught me tons of things and at this point in my career (10 years in), 1 year of training is like 3 when I was starting. Erik is an amazing coach and hopefully soon you will all see he is still an amazing fighter.

Heck, I went to Erik's seminars when I was younger and bought some of his tapes. He's been teaching me stuff forever now!

Matt Coven is training hard here with us and has a great base. I hope to see the best out of that kid in the future.


Paulson's stuff is great, no reason why he wouldn't be a great coach. He's doing a great job with Josh, hopefully he can develop Coven into a good fighter as well.

Josh, your on track for a shot at Fedor and your a great representative for Catch. Keep winning, we're all rooting for you heavy on this forum. You scared me against Pawel Nastula though, lol.

we seem to forget how Paulson trained Ken shamrock before his fight with Kimo. Ken looked great... Then Rich Franklin came and we all know what happened:(

Paulson's fight with Matt Hume back in Extreme Challenge is BY FAR one of my favorites.....great back and forth action by two fighters who would go on to be legends IMHO......

Paulson is and always will be one of my favorite fighters...

an honor to be visited by the great josh barnett.