Any chance our media is lying about Putin being a bad guy?

Notice how stories keep popping up about people close to Putin mysteriously dying? Yet, when the same things happen with people close to our politicians the media completely ignores it and paints anyone that brings it up as a conspiracy theorist

The media does everything in its power to push how bad Putin is, while ignoring the corruption, murder, death, pedophilia that goes on with our politicians


He’s definitely not good. Simply due to his ranking in the KGB.


He is bad. But it’s also convenient to have a boogieman, be it trump, putin, or people who dont drive electric cars.


“Good” and “Bad” are not great dimensions.

I think you can’t be a leader of a large nation and remain “good” with no blood on your hands.

Think of US, Britain, China, Russia, etc… How many casualties are they responsible for?


Compared to what?

Biden? Then yes.

Tim Tebow? Then no.


We had presidents and high ranking officials having served in CIA.
Is CIA any better than KGB?


I think the difference is that our CIA Director is a political appointee. Bush wasn’t a spy. Point taken, though.

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Putin worked in Germany as a field agent in his time. He wasn’t out there killing people.

Head of CIA makes decisions that literally kill people. He just doesn’t do it personally.


Yes, but VERY slightly.

What? Putin was one of the highest ranking officers in the KGB. That’s how he go this political career started.

It’s two sides of the same coin.

Sort of like dark side vs light side.

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He left KGB and was working in the administration of Sobchak who was the mayor of St.Petersburg.

That’s how he got into politics


Putin’s Career Rooted in Russia’s KGB (

So are you saying that vocal critics of leaders of western democracies have a marked tendency to disappear or wind up dead at the same rate as critics of Putin?

Is that your two sides of a coin argument?

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If we’re talking about the clintons, then yes they are. lol

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The “methods” that CIA and KGB use are very similar - murders, dealing with warlords, selling drugs, torture are all similar.

Just because CIA operates more globally gives them more opportunity to use “black sites” far away from US doesn’t make it any better.


It’s a somewhat slated article - obviously Washington Post but there is nothing there that contradicts what I said.

Putin did not have a great career in KGB. He retired, worked with mayor of St.Petersburg who was close to Yeltsin. This is how he was introduced to Yeltsin. WHY Yeltsin chose Putin is the main question which we don’t know. It wasn’t because of his stellar KGB carrier.

Im kinda on the fence. Seems like hed be considered weak and "dropped the ball " if he was reactive instead of pro active.

Its been a battle of east vs west and with Nato growing in power/influence, Russia had a legit concern about losing geographical advantages.

Losing that and hoping Nato doesnt go to war, vs gaining control back, having tge geographical advantage but now viewed as a very bad guy.

Not really an option for him to look good by his own people and the rest of the world.

Seems like Americas inflation skyrocketed after the war. So fuck him, but i kinda understand.

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Russia still has a tendency to resort to sloppy political poisonings with polonium or topical nerve agents.

and you don’t think we do?