Any changes since your return to training?

I bought a new phone just before quarantine ended - a Motorola with the fingerprint reader on the back that instantly unlocks it. Amazing! But it doesn’t work anymore because my fingers are all callused again from training. Damn.

But also I’m surprised by how much I enjoy being back. I had been mentally working on some things during quarantine and I’ve been able to put them into practice pretty quickly. Feels good.

Have you changed your game at all? (because too fat lol) Are you enjoying it as much as before you stopped? Is it just back to business as usual?

I'm slower, less cardio, and weaker, however, I'm heavier and am better at pinning and tapping

Better cardio, been running, rucking and cycling a lot

I’m fatter, cardio is shit, and get tired faster. So yeah

My schools are still closed. :-(

In the UK we aren't allowed contact so I'm just paying my mat fees and will come back when we can drill and spar's still a grim topic for some so I suppose I'm one of the lucky ones.

we still are not rolling...:(

Yeah at this point I'm not holding my breath. Already finding new hobbies and outlets for my exercise here, ugh.

It's possible that I won't return to bjj unless there's a vaccine.

I was infected without even knowing it. I am now completely non-infectious and immune because I now have the antibodies. Unfortunately, my gym’s still closed.