Any Chester County PA lawyers out here??????

Here's my situation. My 16 yr old son's mother is saying she's had enough of him. She's had him for 14 yrs and I've paid support the entire time. Now she's saying "just take him, I don't care and I'll pay support to you." I can't afford a lawyer since I've only been back to work for a month now. I'm wondering what needs to happen in order for him to live with us in Chester County, since his mother in Deleware County doesn't want him anymore.

Any help would be appreciated. I know it's Sunday night and not alot of people are on right now so if I could get a few ttt's I'd also appreciate that.


How about a


And best wishes for things to work out for you?

I don't know any family law lawyers in the area but hopefully someone does. If she gives up her parental rights it should be pretty straight forward. Ask her to have her lawyer draw up the papers and you will have someone look over them and make sure everything is in order. If she's really trying to change the situation she'll do this quick and you can move on with your life. You can probably have a lawyer review the paperwork without much money out of your pocket.

TTT for anyone that can help. I hope it work out for you bro. I'll ask around to see if anyone I know can help out.