Any Coffee Geeks here?!!

Caffeine Jihad!!!

What are your weapons?


Rancilio Syliva espresso machine

Rancilio Rocky doserless grind on demand grinder

Iroast2 bean roaster

The holy trinity.

Currently roasting Ethiopian Yrgachaffe grade2 washed beans and Brazilian Santa Terezinha.

I'm not a super coffee snob, but I love my Nespresso machine. I don't have room for a big machine (live on a boat), so I went with Nespresso. It makes great coffee regularly. I can make it like espresso or weaker like coffee. I am addicted :)

I use a french press for brewing and have yet to find a better method, but i'm down to only one very strong cup a day since i felt like a pussy when i was getting withdrawal symptoms from lack of coffee.

French press all the way.

I really dislike the nespresso. There is no way to get proper espresso extraction with that machine, because it doesn't reach the proper temperature. Also, those cups don't contain quality arabia coffee but chemicals and crema-enhancers..

French press is a legit way of extraction, but only for lungo coffee, not espresso.

For those that like the stronger stuff, but don't want to spend 1000 euros on equipment, get those espresso pots you put on the stove. Good stuff.

quickcheck in the morning

dunkin donuts on the way home from work

starbucks at night with my bitch

mad coffee sons

i use an old c. 1980 oster air popcorn maker to roast my beans, french press for brewing, brita pitcher (1 gal) for filtered water. currently roasting my way through five pounds of sumatra mendlhing (roasted full city)

What kind of grinder do you use?

"get those espresso pots you put on the stove."

I have one of those and don't like it nearly as much as my press. I think too much heat gets applied to the grounds.

The trick is to put them on a LOW fire. They do burn coffee pretty easily so you have to watch out or you'll drink sludge.


Intelligentsia Coffee....

Timmy's is the best!

  • Strong, skim, smilky flat white from my local barrista.
    - Turkish crack in a cup
    - My plunger at home, drinking East Timorese blend at the moment.
    - Starbucks when in Asia and desperate!

    Coffee is life, the rest is just details...