Any Companies Looking For New Title Belts?

As most of you know, I been doing belt work for 10 years. Majority of which has been leather work, plating, restoration, and just selling.

A few people were asking me for original belt ideas and I have some original concepts. The person passed on them, so if anyone running a company is looking for an original belt, please let me know.

I have worked with every major beltmaker. Last project I did was finishing work on the WSOF MMA Heavyweight belt.

Here is the original belt design I am offering up

That is just a rendering of the finished product. Obviously it can be edited to customers needs. Example is shown as dual plated. It can be all gold with more paint to save money. It can also be relief pieced (stacked plates, more expensive) to give it more depth and weight. MMA logo would be replaced with the custom logo of the company. Fighters can be removed with other logos or edited. Font and wording can all be customized.

Leatherwork can be done on demand or in traditional finish.

Cost would be around $1,100 for 3 plates gold, $1,250 for dual plating. Higher cost for stacked pieces.

Turn around time is about 8 weeks.

I also have other designs as well, but this is the most original that is ready to be made.

I can be emailed at if interested

My gmail has been hacked 7 times in 5 years. My AOL email I've had since 1996 and has never been hacked.

Irony I guess.

are u the guy that does the WWE belts too?

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Pettis Bros POORtrait Tattoos - 

are u the guy that does the WWE belts too?

I do not make WWE belts. That is Dave Millican and in the Attitude era, JMar, although I have relationships and have done projects with both in the past.

OblongBox -

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Cool looking belt. Phone Post 3.0

thank you OblongBox

so are these belts just gold plated then for the 3 different pieces of metal on the belt? do you just start from a piece of cut out metal then do your work? 


if u want to generate a lot of views and get people interested i would make a video in the same theme as this guys :


if you show the steps from when you get the raw materials to the finished product i'd say theres a good chance it will get 300,000+ views in a few months. submitting it to liveleak and getting it featured there is a sure 100k views.

Honestly how the hell do you make a belt? Lll Phone Post 3.0

Yeah the people who do the belts don't want it all out in the open like that.

Basically the design is submitted to etchers who use acid to eat away the base metal with the design. Then I cut the plates out of that sheet. Sand the edges, curve the plates, weld bolts, polish the plates.

I then send them to a plating company. Just like car parts: they are cleaned, copper plated, nickle plated, then finally gold plated.

I get them back, paint them and put them on the hand tooled leather strap which I make for it. I grind the bolts flush with the leather then put backing on to cover the bolts.