Any details on Eilers vs. Lucero??


Thanks! :)

Lucero looked like he was gonna throw a straight
right punch but ended up tweaking his shoulder.


I take it there was not much action before the fight was stopped? :(

Lucero had posted that it was from a previous fight 1 week prior.

Which makes me think, wtf!?! #1Why was he fighting 1 week before SB and #1how could he actually come into a fight prepared doing that chit? And #3 why does TJ bother bringing in lame "journy man" fighters that do that shit. Its bad for the sport, bad for the PAYING fans and is the reason why fighter's pay dont go up, because you got guys like this fighting 3x a mos for peanuts. -jm2c

lol mad tiger, you have a problem in saying what you really feel, eh? But I do agree, and that's why we need to have all shows sanctioned by their local commissions, and all working off the same sets of rules and regulations.

damn mad tiger have at it, look i took the fight on one weeks notice, i found out the day of my last fight, i had already committed to fighting for tjay, before my fight, i fought a guy who was just a wrestler and i figured i would be ok, he kept jerking on a key lock and thats what hurt me, what was i supposed to do? screw tjay and the fans and back out? i had committed and i came in ready to battle, where you there? i came out swinging, justin hurt his hand on some of the shots, thats why he kept clinching, i tried to keep fighting even though i was hurt, i was looking at the time hoping the round would end and i could get it worked on in my corner, than i got kneed really hard in the groin, i could have stayed down and just took an easy win from dq, that is not me,i told them my whole arm and hand was numb, the doctor stopped the fight, i am sorry it had to happen that way, i was there to battle and wasnt doing that bad considering who i was fighting, i like justin but would fight him again, our styles match up for a good show, im sorry to the fans and to tjay he really is a good guy, when dirty harry pulled out he needed a replacement, fast and i took the fight, i hope this explains the situation for you, but go ahead and have at thrashing me some more if you want, everyody else on the island was great, i guess thats why they call you "mad"tiger

vince"the journey man" lucero

Mad Tiger didn't know the whole story, you explained the situation very well and are a great representative of the sport. Hope you heal quick. Take care,


Thanks for the explanation/details! :) Good luck to you in the future!

the fight was pretty active up until the stop.

thanks guys for the support, maybe i just have soft skin, because i always try to fight hard.

Damn, I don't know you personally Vince but you sound like a class act. Props for taking a fight on short notice and doing your best - look forward to your next fight.

Kitty take it easy brah!

doesn't matter Vince you will get better and go and kick some more ass. ;)

thank you sweetie....

Sub wrestler is correct.

Vince periods & paragraphs are your friend! j/k thanks for the explanation...TRAIN HARD


thanks mad tiger, im glad you understand things better now............hope these,,,,,,,,,,,