Any doubts about Fedor/Mino?

So did this fight answer all the questions about who the better fighter is?

I would answer that with a loud YES!!!

Fedor completely dominated this fight from the first bell to the last IMHO.

He just TOYED with Mino like I have never seen before, just sickening...

In round 1 he established his dominance right away by throwing Mino around like a rag doll and landing HUGE punches standing.

It was so dominating that I thought it deserved a 10-8 round because Fedor wasn't even in trouble for 1 second.

Those right hands would have knocked out any mortal man, but Mino has the heart of a champion!

Round 2, more of the same, Fedor controlling every exchange standing and with takedowns, lands more HARD punches.

Again, Fedor is never in ANY trouble and Mino is on the defensive the whole round. 10-9 round for Fedor.

Round 3 was a little closer than the first 2 rounds, but Fedor still won unquestionably IMHO.

Mino landed 1 good right hand and had Fedor's nose bleeding a little, but Fedor wasn't rocked or phased at all.

I scored all 3 rounds for Fedor, but an argument COULD be made for round 3 being a draw.

Even if you give Mino round 3 it is still a DOMINATING victory for Fedor.

If you don't come to the conclusion that Fedor is the better fighter then you are obviously losing your grip on reality.

But I don't mind listening to lunatics ramble if you want to go off for a while.... :-)

Fedor seems to have his number.

I already knew Fedor was the better fighter, but leading up to this I thought Nogueira would pull out a win by TKO (cut stoppage) or decision. Once they actually got in the ring, though, I had the feeling Nog was going to lose again, though I had no idea it would be so one-sided.

Me either!

The last time they fought it looked pretty competitive until the headbutt...

I expected a really tough war, but it wasn't even close.

Mino has got got alot of heart, but it just wasn't enough....

This fight confirms Fedor's status as the best heavyweight in the World.

I think the person who beats Fedor will be someone like Sylvia, an excellent striker with a good sprawl and reach advantage.
Arlovski would be an interesting fight for him too.

FEDOR HAD A NEW PLAN, STAY OFF THE GROUND AND DONT BOX WITH HIM. didnt look like the fedor i knew, but he did enough to win. nog did well too. i dont think it was a lopsided victory

Nog is still my favorite and always will be but I really got to give Fedor HUGE props!

Right now, he is da man!