Any DSLR guys on here?

Curious, do you shoot in aperture setting or full manual?

I shoot in program mode I would say 60% of the time and then it’s a toss up of either shutter priority or aperture priority depending on the situation. I almost never shoot in manual. I will change the metering settings from average to spot depending on the situation as well. I leave the ISO setting in automatic almost always. I’m no pro, just a hobbyist at best.

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Curious, why choose program mood when you can at least mess with aperture?

I don’t shoot as much anymore, but I almost always shoot manual. If there’s a specific reason (smoothing out water, for example - shutter) to use another mode, I will, but most of what I shoot is pretty planned and specific, and often using lights, so manual makes the most sense.

I prefer manual most of the time, and only shoot aperture priority if I only have one chance to get a big family group pic

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Interesting. You don’t find there are too many variables, constantly shooting manual?

If you’re trying to shoot wildlife or sports or something manual would be rough.

If you’re just bopping around town shooting ‘travel’ pix, it doesn’t make sense to use manual.

But if you’ve got time, manual lets you control those variables.

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Not generally. If I’m just shooting for fun, then I kind of enjoy messing with the manual settings until I have my exposure exactly the way I want. I have a Nikon Z6 so all the dials are physical buttons that I can scroll through pretty quickly. If it’s a super sunny day then I’ll just default to ISO 100, F8-11, and a shutter or 250 or 500, and then adjust from there. Sometimes I’ll want a shallower depth of field so I’ll lower the f stop and other times I might want to lower the shutter for some nice blurry effects with water, etc.

And come to think of it, for those group shots I’ve noticed lately that instead of aperture priorit, I have been setting it to auto-ISO, with F8+ and shutter at least 125. So I really don’t find myself ever shooting aperture priority


My settings depend on what I am shooting. If I am in the studio, it is always manual, but if I am shooting fast action, I might shoot in shutter priority mode. My metering modes will also differ based on what and where I am shooting.

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99% of the time, I am doing portraits with my 50mm 1.4 - so I just doing prio on the 1.4, everything else auto. Max bokeh.

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So why auto? Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose and limiting the camera capability ?

I just want to focus (pun intended) on where my focus point is (an eyeball, a nipple), and how I am framing the shot… I trust the camera decide whether things are too dark, too light, and let it adjust accordingly.


The interplay of ASA, ISO, aperture and length of exposure is different for Digital as opposed to Film. I think if you grew up shooting film you understand it better.

Depends. If I’m shooting in consistent lighting (open shade, north light, studio, landscapes) with slow or non-moving subjects I shoot full manual.

If I’m shooting fast moving subjects, in changing light, or I’m going for certain looks (depth of field control, sharp or blurred motion) then I select shutter speed and aperture manually and set the camera on auto-iso.

If I’m shooting film it’s full manual always.

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I use bracketing and exposure compensation more often.

From which setting? I normally shoot aperture priority until my camera can’t keep up then I shoot manual. But Im a noob. I actually really enjoyed photography, but I never get around to editing anything, and it just sits on my memory card.

[quote] I never get around to editing anything, and it just sits on my memory card.


I have soooo much stuff I’ve just never dug into.

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For events its much easier and quicker to shoot in Aperture Priority mode. For anything else, manual.

Depends on what you are shooting.

Aperture controls depth of field. Shutter speed to freeze the action.

Simple version.