Any East coast guys wish PPV's started earlier?

Maybe I'm just getting old or I smoke to much pot, but damn it's getting hard to stay up for a whole ppv. I'm solid till 1130-12, but I start to fade after that. Unless it's a huge fight like Conor vs Nate, it's just tough. I liked the 9pm start time they tried years ago, am I the only loser? 

They changed it for a while and it was great.

100% yes.

No, I watch from the Fight Pass prelims onward and 6:30 PM is an early enough start time for a card to start.I would hate to be a West Coast UFC fan because then the early prelims would start in the middle of the damn afternoon like 3:30 PM and people have to miss fights if they are at work or commuting or busy doing outdoor activities or errands and it kills the whole day.

Hell yes. UFC 205 ended way too late even though it was in NYC. 

One of the advantages living on the west coast. I would hate for a ppv to start at 10pm.

of course

Yea east coast here. Pre-lims start at 9pm.

Ppv's start at 11pm my time and run until 2/230am. Then TFN shows the press conference with all the interviews after the show. 

When it's all said and done I end up going to bed around 4am. It's not easy.

I'm on the East coast of Ireland, so yeah for sure.

Bunch of casuals in this thread who only watch the main card.

JimGunn - 

Bunch of casuals in this thread who only watch the main card.

No, but I do weight the main event higher than the early prelims.

1am prelims
3am main card
Was great when I was younger- could go out then come home & keep the party going
Now I barely make the go out part

No I like driving home drunk and stoned at 1:30 in the morning.

This is the exact reason i go out to fights if i order it at home id fall asleep majority of the time. I've fell asleep on a lot of great boxing matches on hbo/shotime

By the time the main event comes around at 1:30-2 AM, ya boy's ready for bed. Just an hourrrrr earlier would suffice.

No I like a 10 pm main card start but I'd be fine with an hour earlier too.

no, you're just a loser.

209ese - I would never live on the east coast strictly based on sports/television being on too late

That's a horrible reason not to come to this beautiful coastline, my dear friend. With beaches stacked with garbage, and the most foul dead sea life washing ashore, the east coast is a real paradise for the traveler or someone just looking to "get away". Don't wonder too far south though.. My neighbors don't enjoy any race other than themselves.. I got lucky and just kinda was born their way.  But anyway that's neither here nor there. 

12 o'clock start lunch time Sunday in Australia.  Makes for best Sunday sesh ever. At home or a pub

Absolutely. Moved here a few years ago from Albuquerque and went from never missing a card to only watching the big ones. There are no other pro sports to watch in Albuquerque so everyone watches fights, but it also seems like very few people out here care about the fights too. It's been one of the few downsides to the move.