any expierences with the dead?

on another website there's a conversation that i would like your thought on,her's some of the posts=

Awhile back, we were trying an experiment to request a white feather from our angels and many of us got one. I did not. We tried again and asked for a purple flower, dmitc found a purple feather in her yard which shocked many of us. A few people joked that my angel must be holding out for something truly special for me to receive as a sign of their presence. Well, finally it has happened.

I am going to try to include photos, but don't know how to do it, so if interested and it doesn't show up here- ask and I will email them to you. The amazing sign that I received showed up in my office a few days ago. It is a strand of feathers, alternating in color and looks like it could be made into a bracelt (which is what i'm going to do with it). The feathers are............ White & Purple!! There are six white feathers and six purple feathers. I couldn't wait to share this with all of you, but I wanted to get a clear picture because it is something that simply must be seen.

I am including the links to the pics here, but if they don't come through, let me know and I will send them via email.


I had the coolest experience today that I wanted to share with you guys...

Well as some of you may know,,,I've been practicing a form of astral projection called 'mental projection' taught by bruce moen,,,a student of Robert Monroes lifeline program....

This program is geared toward connection of the deceased both those that have crossed and those whose consciousness(for whatever reason),,,remains close to the 3rd dimension(earth).....

Anyways,,,I was practicing today and I made contact with my nana(grandmother).....The feeling that I got from this contact was overwhelming.....She assured me that she was fine and with me at all times....She told me death was not the end and in fact was sooooo beautiful......

I told her I missed her and wished I could have a sign from her.....So she asked me if I remembered what her favorite song was.....I said "of course,,,ENDLESS LOVE by Lional Richie" .....So she told me to put the radio on today and she would play it for me....

I was 100% sure this WAS a real experience and this was going to happen.....

So I thought,,,I'll put the radio on when I'm picking up my son today from school,,,I bet it'll be on then....But in the hurry to get him,,(I was running late),,,,I forgot to turn the radio on....

Well I got home, made dinner and then the song came to my mind....I thought..."oh darn,,I missed my chance....I bet she played it while I was in the car and I didnt hear it"....But then something told me...."TURN THE RADIO ON.....NOW!!!" Well I put it on,,,turned to every station and no song....I was disappointed......

Well I left the radio in my bedroom on tuned to coast 103...(not something I usually do since I have kids and cant stay in there)....But I happened to walk back into my room for something and......sure enough~~~ My song was on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I turned white and almost fainted.....I got the biggest case of chills from head to toe......

Funny but I KNEW my experience was real and I knew this song was going to be played...for me.....I gutta say,,,of all the really great things have happened to me,,,this has got to be the best!!! 

Just wanted to share that with all my friends(and fellow skeptics)...



Hi everyone... Im new here but hope that at least one of you will be able to offer me either insight or advice. Here goes........... <br />
<br />
A few weeks ago I woke up suddenly to an odd rustling sound near my bed. I opened my eyes and immediately saw a large golden dog ( looked like a golden retriever) lying on the floor on the left side of my bed. It was shuffling around a little (thus the noise) so I told it to &quot;stop that&quot;.... <br />
<br />
I then got out of bed and walked over to the window. An intense white light was shining into my room and I wanted to know what it was. I remember looking out of the window and seeing the light but not feeling threatened in any way. I then went back to my bed, climbed in and went back to sleep. <br />
<br />
I woke up a few minutes later with the feeling that I had been asleep for much longer. The dog was gone and I suddenly remembered that I did not own a dog. I felt very disorientated but convinced that I
d somehow had some sort of dream within a dream??  And thats it......

The reason Im looking for insight now, is since that night, Ive been obsessed with UFOs, Ghosts etc and I dont understand why.   ANY ADVICE? anyone?

Thanks for listening

I was meditating a few weeks ago. Not really trying to think about anything just letting my thoughts flow as they come to me. Somehow i got to thinking about God loving all of his creations, which then lead me to think that if thats the case he must surely love the devil. At that moment i heard a voice. I didnt physically hear it with my ears, it was more like telepathy. The voice asked me 'do you love me?' it startled me but without hesitation i replied yes. As soon as i answered, my body started vibrating pretty intensely. I didnt know what was going on so i snapped out of my meditative state.

these are a few posts from another website,anyone here ever have similiar experiences?

^for the alien believers

THERE HAS BEEN TOO MANY COINCIDENCES IN THE LAST 2 3 DAYS. i FEEL THAT THERE IS A SPIRIT OR ENERGY THAt passes through these Posts. Purhaps it is because of all the Mental Effort, we all put into this place, I dont know? Anyway, I posted about a while back about A crazy dream I had that I was in an Helicopter, and The Eastern Seaboard of New York was on fire qwith smoke and stuff., It was the most lifelike dream I have ever had as I explained on the Post.

Anyway, I was browsing through one of Pines responses and picked up a vid, of all the Alien implantations that have taken place, And the Doctor said there was this one man who said that the Aliens Abducted him, and took them to there homeworld, and then took him back to Earth. The man said the Biengs were mostly Molevolent, and would not answer but only a few of the questions he had. He said they would do experiments.

Anyhow, The man said that the Aliens showed him Disasters and plagues that would ravage the land. He said the Aliens showed him the Total eastern seaboard and manahattan Island a blaze and them it showed a picture of what it would look like......And that was the dam picture in my Dream. I have the gift of Precog. I have taken tests to prove itr. When I watched that vid it only comfirmed the truth of what i was suspecting. Purhaps they are trying to tell us of when the Doomsday will occure.  I only feel now, Since I have joined this post, that I am really honing in on my gift, and everything that unravels around me only Proves it. I feel like this feeling I get has improved three fold. Thank you all for all this valuable information. It really has made a difference!


from Rev. Rob Smith, Melbourne
Restaurant Ghost
This was taken at an 80th birthday celebration in Berwick, Victoria, Australia about 18 months ago. It seems we had a "spectral gate-crasher" that day who decided to turn up to the celebration (an elderly, gaunt facade at top left; see circle).

from Sean Newell
Elfreth's Alley Ghost
This was taken in the historic Elfreth's Alley in Philadelphia. I was taking photos of this narrow street when I just happened to shoot into one of the backyards. There is a patio table in the photo and "sitting" at the table is what could be a ghost... possibly from this street's past. You can see the table right through it. It's not fog, rain, snow or any other kind of weather phenomenon. Tell me what you think. Do any of your readers have any stories of hauntings in Elfreth's Alley in Philly?