Any feedback on Gordo's 3 DVD Set?

I remember seeing this set as a VHS set back in the day.

Budovideos has it for sale for 99.95. Wondering if there was any feedback on this set and also how does it compare to the plethora of newer material on the half-guard.

v good!

any more comments...???

good material well presented. Very usable stuff. Solid techniques that you can incorporate into gi or nogi.

I remember reviewing it back in the day. It's ok, but for that price there's so much better stuff on the market these days...

Its a great set, but my personal favourite is Kesting's half guard DVD.

Snoop, agreed, they cover a lot of the same material and with kestings you don't have it being translated for you.

It's OK. It's all gi. He shows a series of techniques, but doesn't really go into principles or control. I also seem to remember that each installment is fairly short.

I have to agree with the rest. Ok set, but there are much better ones available now, like Kesting's.

get Kestings or Gustavo Machado's (Gordo student). They are more organized.

Kneeblock, where are you training now?

seem to remember that Gordo has more material than Kesting (while since I watched either)