Any fighters from spokane?

Anybody here from Spokane, Tri-cities or any where in washington east of the mountains?
Trying to find places to train.


Been waiting a while 

I'd say try Sikjitsu, BJJ Spokane or maybe the Lion's Den near Coeur D'Alene, ID.

Damn, you have been waiting a while.

 SIkJitsu has the best fighters in town, Lyle beerbohm is getting dang good. 

BJJ spokane has the only BB in BJJ, Bart Smith.

 lions den should be a heck of a lot better with all the NIC wrestlers in the area.

There is also the HIT PIT, ICON GYM, TKO, and LOTUS downtown at the old armory has the best MT in town and a Great Judo/MMA coach in brian hipp.

The game has really grown in Spokane. in recent years.

Sorry if I missed anyone.


Fancy 9-0 Cody McKenzie 6-0 Mike Hanks 3-0 Eddie Fore 3-0. AJ Ranjabaran 1-0 RIck Little 1-0. Joel THomas 3-0 Luckily, Our pro fight team has yet to lose. Come train with us, we would love to have you.

 Sorry Rick, you need some Heavyweights first. Lyle is fun to roll with, he's just too small.

What is your size?

 I was a 410 pounds SuperHeavyWeight. 

I was 307 this morning. Plan on being around 265 fairly soon.

I go to the HitPit in Spokane, we have a ex-football player that is around 285-300 in a given day. We have been looking for a training partner for him for while. Might be a fit to work in some time together, mutual benefit possibilities.

 That could work out on a  limited basis. I live about 3 hours away. But training partners are nearly impossible to find. Do you guys train on saturdays? I do come to spokane to train on some weekends.