Any fighters making the transition to judging? Leben Debut

Any others?

Retired fighter Chris Leben to make Nevada judging debut Saturday - Raimondi

We knew that it would take time for veterans to transition into judging. But I havent heard of any doing it on the UFC before. Excited to see where his head is at and if this becomes the first of many.


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Ricardo Almeida did it and judged in the UFC after he was a fighter there and I think Joe Stevenson recently became one too


Fighters becoming judges is probably our best shot at fixing judging


I’ve judged quite a few shows in Aus… definitely have to be switched on mentally, watch the action closely and ignore the crowd noise ect

Overall best seat in the house and fun if night goes smoothly

Worst thing is both fighters circle for 5mins straight and throw total 5 jabs each with no attempted takedowns…score that?

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Not sure if this is such a good thing actually , fighters have connections to gyms and trainers that could cause bias

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Deducts points if a fighter doesn’t hold a sub long enough:

Awards 10-8 rounds for multiple eye pokes:


I’m still for fighters making the transition.

During the era of Couture, Chuck, GSP, etc;

All you would see and hear is that judging sucks, it was a bunch of boxing judges and they dont know what they were watching.

The most common thought was it would take years to fix and hopefully retired fighters would take it up since they understand the aspects of the game and the level of importance of these aspects in any given round.

We are finally at a point where a it can happen and some of the consensus has changed?

I get the bias comment, but I feel that is an avoidable situation…

This is a really good point and an even better conversation starter.

Is bias unavoidable, is fair judging achievable? If so, I wonder if the best we can do is to have some control over the bias, and that’s the fairness we should be aiming for? For example, what if we let the fighters pick mutually agreed upon judges and then agree to respect their decision? I think this would be a huge improvement over both the current judging, and the idea of random ex-fighter judges.

Great news

Wow, that would be something.

I think favoritism bias is avoidable with alternate judges. How hard would it be to bring in 6 judges to a fight card and choose 3 of them for each fight.

At one time, Joe Rogan wanted to have them use a committee of judges, like 10 judges so a more accurate consensus is recorded. It helps eliminate the outlier.

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Another issue , if they get to choose the judges then they know who to bribe

I think an alternate judge in a soundproof room watching the fights on a monitor with no sound , if there is a draw , we go to them to determine winner

Both fighters agree on a pool large enough that it couldn’t be effectively bribed (10 judges?). All judges score the fight. 3 or 5 scorecards are selected at random at the end of the fight.

Similar conversations come up every 6-12 months or so. One of the things I mentioned before is that we only need good judging on the main card, possibly only the main event.

Good idea but who’s gonna cover the extra payroll , I doubt the commission or UFC would volunteer

Great that he’s healthy and staying involved. You can still have a lot of bad decisions with fighters as judges though. For instance, on the ref side, Marc Goddard tends to stand fights up faster than most - which is unsurprising from an ex fighter from the UK. A guy like Leben might favor fighters with similar styles to his own if fights are remotely close. Not that he definitely would but it’s a factor.

In a 10 Point Must system it’s gotta be 10-10

The commission and promoters all pushed us to avoid 10-10 scores

Told us rare cases only but i definitely scored a few that way

Anytime i knew a fighter on the card i would let another judge step in and go grab some food. Prefer not to be associated with a dodgy win of a friend ect