ANY Fighters/Sponsors.. JAPAN

Devil Dog Productions-SemperFights
Taking an MMA event to TROOPS on

experience the Culture!
experience the chance of a lifetime to be part of a HISTORY making event!

A FULLY Sanctioned MMA Event for thousands of TROOPS- Stationed on Mainland JAPAN and the ISLAND of Okinawa.

Brett Moses from the FightParty and Andy Foster from GA State Commission have already stated that they are going!

FIGHTERS: Great opportunity for you to Fight for the Troops Stationed on a Base in JAPAN -Must have current Passport for the year of 2010.

MMA-- Gear Companies: Great Opportunity for you get your gear on a base for thousands of troops to see!

I will be posting CONFIRMED Dates soon- think Spring show.

I will be posting ALL the INFO soon but shoot me out an email if you think you are interested and want to be involved.
Please email me or Brett.

Last event--in Iraq--is in the current issue of FIGHT MAG

Semper Fi