Any "Film Noir" fans on here?


in. havent seen much. touch of evil was pretty cool and unsettling.


More like Crime Noir, like James Elroy's books.

Love it. Murder My Sweet, Out of the Past, The Killers, Night and the City, Kiss Me Deadly, The Long Goodbye. Watch them all.

what are some good ones on netflix?

In for suggestions!

Sunset Blvd

Maltese Falcon

The Third Man

Touch of Evil

The Big Sleep

A more recent good example is L.A. Confidential. One of those rare instances where the movie was as phenomenal as the book.


The Usual Suspects

Blade Runner


TheBearStare - what are some good ones on netflix?

Phone Post

TheBearStare - what are some good ones on netflix?

Double Indemnity
The Machinist

Third man is amazingly filmed Phone Post 3.0

The Long Goodbye is another one on Netflix.

This lists Headhunters, which I didn't realize was considered neo-noir, but it was a good movie.

I also liked Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which isn't streaming.