Any Fleet dealers/ corporate vehicle sales...

I have a small company (10-35 employees), last year I ran around and bought vehicles like it was a fad. What I ended up with is a hodgepodge mini-fleet.

Currently we have:
Ford F-150 2010
Dodge Ram Crew cab '04
Dodge Caravan (people and bags mover) 2010
Chevy Silverado Utility bed 2011
2 Ford E350s (people and bags)

I want to get rid of everything but the Silverado and one E350.

My ideal fleet would be

3 Silverado 4 door utility trucks
2 E350s
And a couple full size pickups

How best do I accomplish this without dropping gobs of $$$?

Company has no credit history btw.

You're help would be appreciated. Phone Post 3.0

No one? Really? Phone Post 3.0