Any foreign players in the NFL?

Not born of foreign parents but actually non-us citizens?

It seems to be a pretty closed off field of players. I guess there must have been some guys from NFL Europe that made it in, but any european playing in NFL Europe that wasn't from Germany was just a rugby reject anyway - same as the US rugby team are NFL rejects.

I guess due to the technical nature of the sport its something you would have needed to have played from a young age and couldn't transfer in to.

I think that Ben Graham and Sav Rocca are foreign born and both punters.

There are some other players on international practice squads.

L.P. LaDouceur is a Canadian longsnapper for the Cowboys. He played college ball at Cal.

 There are quite a few Canadians.

i think there are samoans

The Cowboys have an Australian punter.

 Tamba Hali is originally from Africa