Any golfers in here?

I ask because my wife is about to start law school in the fall ;-)

She realizes that the networking potential of her current hobbies (cooking, XBox, and BJJ) is essentially nil, and since she did play golf for a while in HS, she thought about picking it back up over the summer and sticking with it for that reason. She's talked to a ton of current students at the school, and golf is pretty high on the list of hobby activities with networking potential (for the male students, anyway). 

Sound like a good idea? (i.e., do y'all have a lot of colleagues who hit the links?)

Or should she try tennis? I dunno about lawyers, but holy Jeebus damn near every doc in my hospital (and in the entire consortium around here) plays tennis, almost none of them play golf...

(FWIW, not a golfer myself, so I have no idea)

 Does she drink?  Drinking is the best for networking potential.


 most of the younger attorneys i know don't like golf.  mencken is correct. 

 "young" being most of the attorneys i know under 45.

Screw the young attorneys - this is for brown-nosing the old coots :-)

While she was working as a paralegal, one of her bosses jokingly expressed surprise that "a little slip of a girl" like her could golf, and he told her that he and the rest of "da boyz" (older judges and attorneys, I suppose) would be impressed if she could match them out on the greens. Sexist, yeah ;-) but the guy's a former judge, he's actually on the faculty of the law school she's going to, and he wrote her a kick-ass letter of rec. His opinion carries some weight for her.

Of course, my bias would be to tell her to stick with BJJ, but I already get enough weird looks from colleagues about doing that kind of stuff, I'd hate for her to go through that as well :-P

 "basically a pro level"  There is a HUGE difference between a scratch golfer and a pro golfer....