Any good Open/Spider Guard Videos?


Does anyone know of any good w/Gi Open/Spider Guard videos, teaching subs, how to keep your opponent in your open guard, chokes, reversals,etc. basically anything that will help my game. Thanks

Check out Randy Bloom's Playing Outside the Guard from
Island Martial Arts. Lots of good stuff on those tapes!

Thanks for the info guys. Loki, please post more info once the Tinguinha video comes out. Thanks again.

I would really like to see a spider guard video that would actually teach techniques from the spider guard. I don't like it when the instructor says he teaches spider guard techniques by starting with spider guard and then switching to a different type of guard for a second before doing a technique and still calling it a spider guard technique.

Cool. I'm looking forward to checking them out. Please post info on my Q&A when they come out too. I hope those videos turn out well as I haven't seen a video on the market that covers that area really well.

Rodrigo Medeiros, the Carlson Gracie BB, has an open guard tape that is very good.