Any good places to train BJJ in San Francisco?

Hey guys, I was wondering if there were any good places to train in San Francisco. My brother already checked out the 10th planet that is there, but their schedule is really limited. Also, their monthly rate is pretty expensive. Anyone know of any good BJJ gyms within the city?

bad idea in that city

 Try here

I haven't been there but let me know how that goes.

Should have Ralph Gracie & Jake Shields are also out there...

 Yea pretty sure Jake Shields American JJ.

Gilbert Melendez has a gym there. Look on youtube.

 Okay, since you have no sense of humor here's a better link:

Also, I think Shields opened his own place aside from Fairtex a while ago. I don't know if it's in San Fran though.



And in Oakland with Eduardo Rocha:

Aren't the Camarillo brothers in the area?

Thanks for the suggestions. Nice try fight4real, but i've been caught with that too many times already.

actually sorry for the double post, but does anyone know how ralph gracie's gym is?

There are no BJJ gyms in the bay area.

FlashGordon2002 - Aren't the Camarillo brothers in the area?

Dave is down at AKA, about 35 miles or so south of the city. Ralph's gym is down in that area as well. There's also Charles Gracie over in Daly City. Jake's gym is over in Emeryville/Berkeley I believe. If you're looking for gi jiujitsu you won't want Fairtex, it's all no-gi.

Gokor N Hollywood.

FT Combat Club

alright cool thanks for the info. I'll be sure to check them out.

fight and fitness-alex ferreria
team usa-angel bajo
ralph gracie-kurt osiander
ftcc-darren uyenoma
pitbull bjj-marco nascimento(foster city, about 20 min away from the city)

A ton of places to train, try them all and decide. 10th planet is pretty cheap compared to the other places though...

Shit, I forgot about Pitbull. Everyone I've known that moved on to train there have become beasts. Highly recommended.