Any good refi lender suggestions?

I know. Don’t take advice of internet degenerate morans…

I will make an exception.

Does anyone have and good recent experiences with refi companies?

*I have heard amerisave and better are both master baiters and switchers. Any truth to this?

What have ye OG?

It’s a solid option for refi.

My nephew is a loan officer too

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Was able to score a 20YR at 2.500%, not bad considering my original was 4.125%

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Found mine off of 2.75 on a 30 no fees.

You may want to check out Loan Depot. I was with Bank of America and was trying to refinance with them. They said that they would match competing offers. The loan officer told me that they were getting a lot of low offers from Loan Depot. I decided to get a quote from them.

I was able to get a 15 year at 2.3. There were some fees but I did not have to get my house inspected.

Rocket is super easy to deal with, refi last yr…