Any Granby Nuts?

My old high school wrestling coach used to be a Granby Nut..I spent my summers in Farmville spinning on my head and the rest of the year going over what I did all summer..

Our team won a state championships with the Granby System back in the 90's..All we ever did was shoot singles, doubles, the high crotch series, and duke it out on the mat with cradles and granbies..

The list of Championships they had a hand is enormous.

Any of you guys train (ed) with the Martins? Is ol man Martin still alive? He was gettin old back in the 90's..combed his hair from back to front and you couldnt understand a word (which he tended to get pissed at you about:)...Tough old fucker man..That guy was great! I remember thinking "Man that is the life, he's still out here showing us whats up".

Whats been up with Steve and Wayne? I havnt followed much since I left for college, years ago..

where can i learn more about the Granby System? i am canadian, and all i know is that there is a technique called a granby roll, but i don't even know what it looks like or what it is for. there is an entire 'granby system'?

I love the Martins and the Granby sytem!

The Granby tapes are awesome!

I still use granbies in sub wrestling..Works great to get back to guard or just scramble out when they have my back..Granbies are universal for grappling, they can be used in every single grappling sport..Freestyle,folkstyle,greco (cant use leg control but can still block hip and come out the backdoor),Folkstyle,Sambo,Sombo,Judo,BJJ, Submission and MMA....

I dont use cradles as much anymore, except from front headlock to gain side...

Only the rolling granby scores two against you in freestyle and greco...The tripod style granby scores two points for you..either by reversal or back exposure (by coming between the legs as apposed to blocking the hip and coming backdoor)..

its one you finish by coming out the back door or this way...

Granby rules!!!!