Any graphics card experts? Are they all jet-engine loud?

I bought a cheap old GTX 780 Ti for a video encoding project a few years back and it worked, but the fans were so loud that I could only run it when I left the house.

Now, I have a lot of AI upscaling to do and I have settled on the RTX 3060 as the card for the job. But is it going to be the same thing?

I would love to just run the upscaling in batches while I sleep, but sleep was impossible with the card I have now.

Are there quiet cards or settings to run the card slower and at lower fan speed or anything like that? Or would I have to become some mad professor with liquid cooling?

I had this problem with my old rig when I was freelance video editing.
They’re not all airport loud but I’ve never come across one that are quiet either. Those fans spin as the load is carried by graphics card as it’s drawing alot of power and processing.
You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned liquid cooling. They’re not as pricey as the once were. Sure it’ll use more power but it’s not substantial. It’ll save all your components from wear and tear and you’ll be able to sleep when you render your projects.

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What are your temps? You can adjust the fan curve using MSI afterburner.

If you run a card hot it will degrade faster.

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I have a 5700XT I am selling. Works great. Lmk if interested

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I have 2 3070s, 2 1660tis and a 3090.

The 3070s are whisper quiet. The 1660s are loud, and the 3090 is jet engine loud.

The 3070s stay cool at 65% fan and the 1660s at 85-90.

The 3090 runs at 100% and has an added heat sink and I can’t max overclock or power it up all the way unless there is a fan blowing on it or it’s winter and I have a window open.

3070s are the shit

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I love me some on-board gpu.

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My nephew built something similar to what you’re talking about and it added 175$ a month to their power bill lolol

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I ran MSI Afterburner to get a little better idea of what’s going on. The temp pops from 44 to 70C as soon as i put it to work and after a few minutes it has crawled to 76C. I can feel air being pushed around the room but it’s still silent.

5 minutes in, it’s in the 78-80C range and the fan (well, 3 fans) is running at 73% and is too loud.

MSI has the temp limited to 83C. I tried dropping the fan to 64% but the card started to hit 83C and there was no drop in the noise.

i suppose this card is just a fucking loud one.

I guess I will start looking at max fan noise specs for the 3060/3070.

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HitFilm, Pr and Resolve would burn up my graphics card, I mean temps I’ve 90 easily. I love MSI but they run hot.
Incase anyone cares, due to heat issues my hard drive corrupted and failed and the gcard fan failed. I was prison fucked over this. It’s why I’m a big proponent of liquid cooling.

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I rarely play any games but I got out my old laptop after reading this thread and then decided to try WOW and BOP2

They were both on there and I’m gonna surmise it has to do with the low quality a game sometimes needs to use

What fan config do you have on your 3070s?

I was looking at the gigabyte rtx 3060 which has the windforce 3x setup

They say it’s really quiet, but if I buy another card that turns out to be loud, it’s only going to be regret.

You need the app that corresponds with your GPU manufacturer. (EVGA, MSI, etc) that will allow you to adjust fan speeds/curves