Any grapplers in Afghanistan?

Are there any grapplers in the K1 Afghanistan area? I Have been here for a week and would like to train some JJ. Post back or email me at later John


Where is the K1 area? I have a friend of mine who trains and has been in Bagram(?) for a few months. If anywhere near you he is in heating/air, name is Mark Renehan. He has also said he needs someone to train with. Besides that good luck and hope you come through safe.

I have a friend in Afghanistan who trains. What's your email?

I'm in Kandahar myself, so if you come to Kandahar let me know.


All of the USAF Ravens in Kabul train in bjj.

My wifes brother is over there and he said they are doing some training. He is in Kabul.

Im at Kandahar, I work from midnight to noon local time. Can be reached at

Good luck to all of you getting some training in...and THANKS FOR DOIN IT!


Those Afghans are too small and skinny. They don't make good training partners because they will steal all the bottled water.

Forget the water. Watch your inkpens. "Mister mister, a pen a pen!"

You might get some responses in Soldier ground.

There are some good afghani wrestlers out there.


I had some guy walk up to me after training some no gi in Qatar and hold out a silver chain and say "Bling, Bling, My Friend!!"