Any guys do pirates?

 My girlfriend wants me to.  Would it make me gay?

zero.... point.... zero

<a href = "http://FAIL">

a href = ""> Pirate in lacy Kim Couture

Please delete this rancid spin. I'm going legitimately crazy and have no restraint.

2JupitersTooMany - a href = ""> Pirate in lacy Kim Couture

Niggaz got reverse trolled on that thread. BAM!!

No kidding


well played, imo

 the title made me laugh


y the fuck am i laughing so hard??

I've been REDEEMED

 maybe a better angle would have been pilates in japan

and then your thread title

I'm too disoriented to understand that now, but thank you. And I'll enjoying that I got moved to What If. Usually my threads are are so little consequence they just drop and disappear.