Any help - interpret antibody test

Got a semi-quantitative covid antibody test. Had a breakthrough infection back in June, after an early March vaccination. The test is positive and reports and index number. What does the index number mean. An index number of 1 is the threshold for a positive test; mine is a 39.

There is no established criteria for results of 1 or greater. All it means is that you’ve either had covid or have been vaccinated for covid.

The numerical results can’t be quantified at this time. Mine had a result of “2”. Wifey’s was upper teens, her co-worker who had covid and was vaccinated afterwards was also in the high teens. (It would be wrong to assume that the wife has 9x as many antibodies vs myself)

Means you’re gay.

Shoot - that’s too bad. I know that test was semi-quantitative but I was hoping the index numbers could provide some sort of idea if my antibodies were low, high or somewhere in between.

If it makes you feel better, take comfort in knowing that your antibodies are highly unlikely to be effective against “omnicron”! (Assuming it’s a result from prior infection or vaccination)

Not worried. I’m on the “One and Done” crew - so I’m pretty much going around and sniffing sick people so I can re-up my antibodies count.

Results mean you are gay. Congrats!