Any help with workout/losing weight og'ers!?

I am no rookie in the gym. I have been going for quite a while now. I went from 245 to about 170 at my best. the last 2 years or so I have been dating a new girl so I have gone up to about 205. Now some of it is muscle since I was bulking a bit this winter but a lot of it has been fat from eating shitty and not being dedicated rnough.

Now the last few months I have been going hard in the gym, eating clean and doing cardio but I dont seem to be seeing results. I was counting my micros and what not but recently have just been making sure i get at least 150 grams of protein and 40-50 grams of fat. The leftovers are carbs from sweet potatoes, whole grain rice, ezekiel bread, broccoli and other vegetables and I also take vegie greens as well.

I recently switched from 40 mins of moderate steady state cardio on an incline treadmill to 20 mins of hiit 3x week and the other days steady state. Still not seeing great results any help?!

Write out a full days worth of meals.

Are you drinking anything during the day besides water? Booze, soda, juice?

Typically if you aren't losing weight, your calories are too high. Phone Post 3.0

Try Crystal Meth... My sister is pretty skinny... But her teeth are yucky! Phone Post 3.0

And define in detail this cardio you are doing . Phone Post 3.0

Get the my fitness pal app so you can track everything

60% Fat
35% protein
5% Carbs

You wanna stay under 20-25 net carbs a day

It'll take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks for your body to get into ketosis but once it's there the weight will fall off, just don't overeat on carbs or else you'll have to start all over

I've been following that for a month and have actually kinda slacked on my workouts and I'm down 26lbs Phone Post 3.0

5% carbs seems very low no? Won't that put your body into ketosis? I have heard that is very dangerous for you, I try to keep carbs very low usually around 15-20%

Also, during the day I mostly drink water, smetimes booze on the weekends other than not nothing else. No sugary drinks or anything. Would eating too little calories hurt me? I have tried writing my meals down for a week and could never hit my calories, carbs, fat or protein

It will put you into ketosis, go to reddit/keto and read the faq Phone Post 3.0

^^^ This.
You can either eat less, exercise more, or both.
But without calorie deficit, there is no weight loss.

It's all mental baby! Just gotta stay disciplined.

You must tumble your way to cheetah physique and lemur agility Phone Post 3.0