Any info on Facet desease needed

i just got diagnosed with Facets in L4-L5/L5-S1

no majer disk herniations to worry about.

i was told by doctors i trust that its not really a hinderance to training as long as I can deal with the pain which can be helped with anti inflamitories.

on the recovery side, its something ill always have but with low back/abs/glute/hip strengthning and stretching I can aleviate the pain and possibly get rid of it completely

Just wondering if anyone out there knows anything about this and if its a realistic goal to think ill be back to 100% before pan-ams in April!! LOL

Ill be starting 8 weeks at the boulder sport medicine center soon(were the pro and olympic athaletes go) and hope to have great news

thanks for any info you guys have out there in advance



Everyone has facets, what is the condition?

oh sorry, lol

it facets desease...

(thats what they said it was called anyways)

"i just got diagnosed with Facets in L4-L5/L5-S1"
A "facet" is a joint formed from parts of the spinal vertebrae. So saying facet disease is very non-specific. Every person here has facets at all levels of their spine. In fact it's not a term I've ever heard. Do you know if it's a bone issue, or a soft tissue issue? Is it perhaps an arthritic condition?

The people at the Boulder sports clinic should be a lot of help. they are a good clinic. I'm in physical therapy and live near Boulder myself. I work in Estes Park.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.