any info on Seattle U/UW?

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wondering if anybody:s got any opinions/info about Seattle Uni and
Uni of Washington, or any other grad schools in the seattle area. i:m
planning on getting a degree in int:l business with particular interest in
relations with asia. right now i:m leaning more toward seattle u.
because it has a masters in int:l business specifically whereas uw, altho
seeming to be the more prestigious school, has degrees in japanese
and international studies, no specificity to business.

any info, opinions, advice, etc is greatly appreciated. heard anythin
good/bad bout either school? general conceptions bout either school?

thanks in advance for any help at all on this.

it rains. a lot. if you aren't used to that don't go there because you will get seriously depressed.

UW chicks are pretty smart but there's a significant dropoff in looks compared to warm-weather states like CA and AZ. Be prepared to meet women who are very smart, granola-cute, with hairy armpits.

This is a good lesson in noting the date of the post you're replying to.

True Jonwell.

Doesn't change the weather up there. I try and spread the word to whomever I can. I lived there for ten years and can tell you I personally talk a half-dozen people out of moving to the PNW a year, by spreading the message that it is NOT normal to live there unless you're born to it.

Subways, leaflets, mutterings in elevators, old OG threads...wherever.

PNW is great, except for the rain. UW is like Cal Berkely, very liberal. Some chicks are smoking hot, but as a general rule: For every 100 miles of LA you go, chicks add 1 lb. So if you're in Seattle, the average chick will be substantially heavier than the average in LA.

It only took the guy about 3 years to get an answer.

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