Any interest in Kos vs. Karo?

Any fan interest in a Koscheck vs Karo matchup? Diego's win versus Karo
really helped make him legit in the eyes of the fans, and I think Koscheck
getting passed Karo would do the same. Kind of makes Karo a gate
keeper but either way I think it would be a great matchup.

Next logical macthup. I think Kos takes it.

kos takes it.

karo can't train for a fight

If he keeps finishing fights I am a KOS fan and I know he would be hell for Karo to beat

i think Kos would win a fight vs Karo, world class wreslting and very much improved standup will win him this fight

Kos is vastly improving every fight, within the next year or 2, he could make a real splash at 170

not for me

Id like to see it.... but i think that would put Kos in a direct line to fight Diego.... which diego should kill in.

Give Kos at least one other opponent first, then maybe a Diaz,
or Riggs, or Burkman type level fighter.


fuck kos.