Any interest in MMA Events Site?

I've noticed lately there are a lot of different sites that advertise MMA/Sub Grappling/Muay Thai/etc events, but they don't get a lot of exposure because they are only seen by registered users of that site. Would there be any interest in a site that is specifically for promoting MMA style shows? I'm not really sure if there would be any rating/ranking system because of the small local shows.

I know there are tons of local MMA events I've missed because they had lack of exposure, weren't apart of a specific rating system, or even rated/ranked at all. I figured if there was interest I could make a site to promote events of MMA style nature to help out the MMA community.

I think that would be an awesome idea. Since the sport is growing so fast, it's next to impossible to keep track of all the shows that are going on out there, especially if you live in an area where there a lot of local promotions.

Yea, I think the main problem w/shows around here are that they don't have much exposure and I figured if there was a site that listed most all of the events it could help out.

Yeah, and maybe there could be a part of the site that could get people in states where MMA isn't legal together in order to help them work to promote or help legalize the sport.