Any interest in Vitor/Rampage or Tito/Silva II??

Although it doesn't make any sense from a rankings perspective, I've just always wanted to see these fights. Thoughts?

I would be very happy to watch either.

Tito is supposedly retiring after Forrest. Phone Post

Would love to see Tito v Wanderlei Phone Post

Vitor/Rampage catches my interest.

A fight I really want to see still is Thiago Silva/Rampage.

Rampage wants someone who will stand and wang with him and im sure Vitor will be more than happy to oblige, and the Ax Murderer deserves a chance to avenge his loss. Much more exciting than another Forrest v. Tito

Rampage has literally nothing for Vitor these days. Vitor would flurry his way to a one-sided victory or possibly a TKO. Phone Post