Any International pickup owners?

I am looking at getting a 1959 International next week. No rust but has sat for last twenty years.

Looks like a inline 6 in it.

Questions are many but anyone ever switched out the engine and tran on them before. Was thinking of going with a small block 8.

If you plan to put a v8 in an international (scout?), then a 401 is the obvious choice for a real man....maybe a 390.

Or you can put in a mid-90s straight six.

 I drove one a long time ago with a 307 (iirc) in it.  Ran really good.  Strong truck.

Check out

I had a Travelall, many years ago. It came with the 392, but it had died and was replaced with a 345.

BinderBulletin WAS the main IH forum. Not sure if it is still around or not. I think it was a .org or maybe .net