Any jiu jitsu or mma gyms near Manteca California

I saw a post on Facebook today about a little kid 11 yrs old who was being bullied and didnt want to live...His mom out the put the post up. I figured the UG or someone on here could help this kid out with some jiu jitsu lessons... Lets help this kid out... Shot in the dark maybe but worth a shot I guess Phone Post

I'm not bear a computer or I would post te post I saw Phone Post

There is a Cesar Gracie jiu jitsu gym on Main Street I believe. Phone Post

Didn't mean to say Cesar Gracie, its actually Gracie jiu jitsu. Phone Post

Any UGers have any connections? Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

Yes,there are two locations.There is Charles Gracie (affiliate) on Louise (instructor was a blue belt last I heard) and there is also MVP TKD who just might be a Gracie affiliate.It`s possible that the guy on TUF 17 is an instructor there.

Do you know the instructor, I was thinkin someone on the UG would be close and able to help out Phone Post

No,I just happened to meet him watching the UFC at Tommy`s Beach Bar & Grill before it shut down.I only know him as "Mike" who told me he was an instructor & trained with Nick & Nate.


I am a mother of an 11 year old boy, who is one of the sweetest kindest kids in the world. He has the biggest heart and would go out of his way for anyone that needed help. He on a regular basis is bullied. He tells me how he doesn't want to live and how no one will miss him. I try to tel him how much I love him and how amazing he is and what a true gift his heart is, but the kids at school make him feel otherwise. I have showed him this page to show him he is not alone, to show him he is not the only kid that goes through this but he will not listen to me. His name is Eric, And his dad and his step dad and I love him so very very much. That is not mentioning all of the other amazing family we have. I just want him to know he is not alone.




If this is real I will help pay for his 1st month Phone Post

UGCTT_zackthewop - 

If this is real I will help pay for his 1st month Phone Post

Thats what im trying to get done here...or find an instructor nearby that will give the kid a free month or two...Voted up

There's also Ultimate Athlete Fitness Center in Modesto. They're a Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu affiliate, I believe Dave is there pretty often. You also have the Ronin Guys in Stockton, they're a Crossley Gracie affiliate.

Kid Charlemagne -  There is a city named Manteca?!? Phone Post


Yes,look in the center of a California map.It`s right in between Stockton & Modesto.


Manteca means "lard" in Spanish.

Fun fact - The name of the city of Manteca was originally Monteca, but train tickets accidentally had Manteca printed on them and the name stuck.