Any Judo folks doing NAGA Georgia?

Gi, No Gi?

Anyone ever done one before? Had any problems with people jumping to guard?

I have done them, both the regular tourneys and a "superfight" (god that sounds gay)...Anyway, I like NAGA rules, I had problems with guys hoping guard and not being able to slam them but hey, its a sub tourney so I didnt cry too much. Kind of expected it.They have a great level of competition and Kipp really went all out for my team..They are a great promotion..I hope I can go back soon.

My only gripe about their rules is the guard hoping stuff..If you take a guy down to his guard you score but if he just goes to guard, you dont..Makes no sense to me, I mean are you not in the same posistion? Makes everyone want to hop guard to avoid being scored on (and they do!!).. But then again, I like that they focus on and reward submission..

well if they hop to guard then you didnt put them there did you?

chances are if someone tries to stand with you then they most likely are going for the takedown/top position or else theyd pull guard. you get awarded for imposing your will on them.

i will be there... just look for the uchimata andthe loud thump.

"well if they hop to guard then you didnt put them there did get awarded for imposing your will on them"

If I'm in a boxing match & the guy is afraid of my punches & turns around, he is penalized, right? The natural thing would be not to penalize him but to let me hit him in the back of the head. That would of course be unsafe. It seems to be the same Situation here. The guy jumps to guard because he is afraid of getting thrown/taken down. But here he is allowed to do so without fear of the natural consequences (getting slammed on his head) or being penalized. It is like letting the guy turn his back on me anytime he wants without loss of points or getting hit.

Exactly..And you cant "impose your will" on someone who sits down..How can you? Dosnt matter in the long run I guess..I would rather get the tap than play points anyway.

im not sure but NAGA rules differ from say Mundial rules but lets not kid ourselves. NAGA is a jiu-jitsu tourny, most of its competitors are BJJ, it was brought about by the need for BJJ/ground fighting events.

pulling guard is a valid technique if you want to take someone to the mat especially if you prefer fighting from the guard. the difference between pulling guard and your boxing scenario is that pulling guard is still engaging in action. he/she is not running from the fight and in alot of cases pressing the fight if theyre a real slick guard player.

in a fight where the goal is a submission then i shouldnt have to fight you standing if i dont want to. i am conflicted about the no slamming rule though.


You make some good points. I am definately grateful to NAGA for organizing the only major cross-discipline 'grappling' tournament that I am aware of. It is great to be able to compete with BJJ, JJ, and wrestling people.

"pulling guard is a valid technique if you want to take someone to the mat especially if you prefer fighting from the guard"

It seems safer to just have the guys start on their knees. If you make them practice jumping to guard then odds are that's what they'll do in other situations. I realize the 'street' comparrison is always thrown around and isn't always appropriate but if there is too much danger of being hurt from being slammed into a mat, imagine what would happen on pavement.

Is it still at Mt. Zion H.S.?
When is it?

"i am conflicted about the no slamming rule though."

Me too but Brian Cimins got jack slammed and had his back busted up so they took them out of NAGA..

BTW, I dont disagree with you about submission being the goal and thus hoping guard being ok..But I dont see why they give points for takedowns at all if this is the case..


Did you hit the uchimata? I told some guys to watch for you.

Pete Pelter

I got 2 half-assed uchimatas but lost on points at the last minute. Sigh... lots of fun though.

nope petester i was there until 6pm and gave up on waiting. i had had enough.

Sorry to hear that JuDok@

I don't think I could have waited that long. I went around 3 I think.


That sucks man. You going to any judo shiai coming up? Did you get your $ back or are you just out all that money as well? I thought ending the last shiai I was in at 5:45 was bad.

Pete Pelter

didn't even bother with the money. wasn't worth dealing with.

hopefully i will find some tournaments to do soon. I think that it could be fun and I am training a bunch.

I might come to charlotte soon for a bit. I will let u know.



Let me know when, always good to have you in. We are having Pedro in for camp in June.

Pete Pelter


5:30 monday? Won't be able to check the email in a few minutes.

Pete Pelter

JuDoK@-I don't blame you. Are judo tournaments run as badly as bjj tourneys?

no they are not. well some are. but for the majority they are better. out of the 10 bjj tournaments i have fought in, i have been in the place past 11 6 times.

Although, in judo, i did have to go home and sleep and wake up at 430 in the morning to fight for jr natls.