Any keyboardists here?

I always see alot of guitar threads here, but no threads for keys.

If so, what's your setup like?

Over the years, I've owned:

Yamaha DX-100 (first board--got it when I was about 15)

Kurzweil K-1000

Alesis Quadrasynth Plus Piano

Kurzweil K-2000 VP

Kurzweil K-2500

I got out of playing live a couple of years ago and sold off all my stuff. I'm currently considering aquiring:

Ensoniq ZR-76 (Always wanted one. I love the William Coakley piano and the built in drum machine.)

Korg 01/W (They're on Ebay all the time and I've always liked the warmth of Korg's patches)

I have played a little with the Yamaha Motif and Roland's Fanton and was very impressed with both.

Another option that I'm considering is just getting a decent controller and to start experimenting with some of the software based synths, samplers and sequencers. I would definitely have a big learning curve ahead of me there as I've always played live or done sequencing directly on the keyboard. I even had an old Alesis MM something or another--don't quite remember.

Any others here?

edited because I apparently forgot how to spell "Korg"

Korg is a tough one to spell for sure.
I remember the DX-100, that was the coolest keyboard
around at one point. I heard a guy playing one at a
gig recently and it sounded a little dated but still
pretty good.

There are a couple of keyboardists around here, but
you're right this forum is pretty lopsided towards the

I have a few theories on that:
A- Everybody in the world owns a guitar.
B- Everybody is an expert on the guitar.
C- Guitarists are blabbermouths.
D- Only guitarists like to talk about music all day.

Anyway, I don't play keys but I do have some
sequencing gear, a Roloand jv1080 which I love, and a
Roland s770 sampler that I haven't hooked up yet
because I don't have any idea how to use it.

Heres my setup.

Korg Trinity Rack

Korg Triton

Korg Trinity keyboard

Waldorf Q synth

Nord lead 2 key

Novation A station

Korg Ms2000

Yamaha Motif

Roland XV5080 (stacked)

Kurzweil k2600 rack

Akai Z4 sampler (the new ones...

Akai Mpc2000
Then a shitload of VST's, and software synths. I dont use half my rig... The majority of what I use comes from the Korg series, and Motif, plus the VST soft synths. The kurzweil piece and roland piece is worthless to me..

I used a Yamaha MU80 with a Fatar 61 midi controller for a long time. Now it's mostly VSTi using a tracker for input.

I always thought tone generator + controller was a more reasonable (cost effective) solution than many of the keyboards that didn't really 'synth' anything.

I'd love a nice real synth keyboard, maybe someday when I have the space and cash.