Any kickboxing cards in western...

Canada soon?

We have a fighter interested, anyone know of any cards in BC perhaps?


November 6 - North American Challenge in North Vancouver, BC at the Squamish Nations Rec Center. Approximate attendance 1000. Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Pankration.

Promoter Gerry Gionco ; 604 - 435 - 7777

October 15 - National Fighting Challenge (NFC) at the Squamish Nations Rec Center in North Vancouver, BC. Pankration.

This is an all pankration show.

Promoter ; Jim Tessman ; 604 - 761 - 7464

Busta fan, much appreciated!


whats up Chad! congrats to your fighters this weekend. Ofcourse there is the one this weekend (oct 2) and there is also one Oct 23 in Calgary as well. Hope that helps.

sup bro.... who's running those shows in calgary? email me wit the info if ya dont mind.


you got mail. Miles is running the shows.

thx for the responses... the fighter is 105-110 lbs, female, has 2 fights, and really wants to compete.