Any legal recourse for this?

A friend of mine got screwed buying a car, she financed about $15,000 for a car worth maybe $5k. Anyhow, so she's got really high interest, really high payments, really high price. She can't re-finance because the dealer has a lien on the title, can she do anything about getting ripped off so bad?

I was thinking she could plea ignorance and hope for some sort of fraud case because she doesn't know anything about cars or financing or anything. But I doubt it. Thanks.

Vague facts. They may be all you have but the circumstances surrounding the actual deal would help any contract lawyers on here. There are several ways to void a contract but you don't provide, and may not have, enough details to allow these guys to determine what may be applicable.

From the limited facts you provided, it sounds like she just made a bad choice and agreed to pay too much. It doesn't sound like she got ripped off. Of course, additional facts may prove otherwise.

Pleading ignorance will not necessarily help her at all.