Any luck lower cholesterol with just diet?

Had physical, everything is solid but cholesterol.

Overall cholesterol (205 - should be under 200), LDL (132 - should be under 100) and non-HDL (148 - should be under 130) levels have been rising the past 2 years.

Going to try to lower it by diet. I already exercise 5 days a week and have a BMI of 22 (so I’m not fat) so I got the exercise and weight thing covered.

Doctor said it could just be genetic, but to give the diet a try to see if it lowers it before he trying medication after checking again next year.

Anyone have luck lowering their cholesterol just by changing their diet?


I started eating statins


Only thing that helped mine too

My mom basically ate lettuce sandwiches for a year and couldn’t get her cholesterol to lower and finally went on meds.

I’m not on any meds and really, really hesitant to start taking anything, even if there are risks by not taking it.

Psyllium husk/soluble fiber would probably get your numbers in line since you are borderline


Is that like some kind of drink or something?

Can I eat something similar in a normal diet that has fiber that would do the same thing?


It’s a powder you mix with water, doesn’t really have much of a taste at all. You can get it anywhere, it’s what is in plain sugar free metamucil. 5 grams twice a day lowers cholesterol.

It works because it is mainly soluble fiber which your body eliminates by releasing bile into your digestive tract. Bile is made up of cholesterol so to replace the bile your body uses cholesterol that is circulating in your blood. Oatmeal is another food high in soluble fiber.


Diet might help but the ones suggested by doctors dont.

Aka: it’s not the cholesterol you eat the problem, it can influence the test results but only in the short time, for example you eat eggs and after few hours they take the blood for the test, that can increase the number.

Also, overall 205 is not bad.

I think the sandwich diet you mom ate wasnt good at all, white bread increases glycogen in blood and insulin spikes especially if you dont eat proteins with it and thats bad for cholesterol levels as well in the long run.


Cholesterol as a function of eating foods with cholesterol is mostly bullshit.

A lot of it is genetic.

Some might be tied to how much carbs and sugar you eat.

It has almost nothing to do with cholesterol in eggs and shrimp and whatever


My HDL (good cholesterol) level was super low, so even though my LDL was pretty low, it threw the ratio off. Turns out it is a genetic thing my dad had too. I started taking fish and flax oil, without changing my diet at all. This was back in my 20s, I’m 41 now, my ratio is still holding strong.


Years ago i had the cholesterol test done at work and was over 300 total. Just working out lowered it next year over 100 points. I think many things affect it. Since i’ve had 5 stents the doc wants the ldl under 70, i’m in the 90’s. I’m really trying to get my blood sugar down, A1C was 7.4 last blood test.

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Start juicing…

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My wife cuts up fruit and I’ll grab that from the fridge every day or so. Sending her the juice link…she’s already on high cholesterol meds…maybe I can get her to make some juiced stuff for us both.

That Berry Explosion looks good.


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I think this depends on his issues. If he is skinny, fit healthy with high cholesterol maybe.

If he is metabolic syndrome (obese, pre diabetic, and all the other things) he may not want to introduce a bunch of sugar into his diet.


True:) Maybe check out a Ketogenic diet like BLAF, who really is BLAF now.


Yeah Blaf looks like he has dropped 30-40 lbs and is a lot less red in the head.

His new health guru is a weird mix of somewhat realistic health stuff and then a bunch of total nonsense.

He just needs to fix his turkey neck with some plastic surgery and he’ll be looking good

I’m 5’ 11" 155lbs and exercise 5 times a week, got that one covered at least.

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Metamucil, basically.

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