Any metal guitar players?

I haven't played in a loooong time...just getting back into it now.

The question I have is...are there specific strings to get for a quick muffled picking style on a down tuned axe?

Sorry if my terminology's an example of what I'm trying to say.

Take the song Whiplash from Metallica.(quick chunkin' on the low string)

When tuned to regular problem
When tuned down,the string has too much flex,screwing up the timing.
I've tried all ranges of pick stiffness and that doesn't help.

Again,It's been a while and I'm a dumbass so fill me in if ya can help.

I LOVE metal guitars!

Hillbilly..I knew I would be

Cool guitars though!

use heavier strings...I use GHS 10's and they have always been great for me-

Depends on how far you tune down.

If you want more tension for say Eb or D tuning,I would use a 10-52 or 11-50 GHS Boomer string. If you want to go lower, check out the Zakk Wilde sets(also GHS Boomers). They come in 10-60 and 11-70 gauges! Hefty indeed!

CAUTION!!! These heavier gauges will crack the low E string corner off of the nut if you do not enlarge the string slot before installing big strings. Always check that the string will touch the bottom of the slot and not bind before putting it under tension.