Any MFC Results yet???


I'm curious to hear about Holanda vs Krysa

me 2 ive looked all over the net and not a word

Hollett beat Biever in 16 seconds of round 1

Junk beat Ambriz when Ambriz couldn't answer for the second round

Holanda Ground and Pounded a win over Krysa

And now for the big one. I will only tell you the facts, and you can draw your own conclusions.

As Marcus Hicks approached the ring, he punched it hard, twice, then immediately went to the ring doctor who declared a broken hand, so the fight with Valimaki never happened.

congrats to fabio

hillarious more like it

WTF? If I clearly understand (sorry but English is not my first language), Hicks broke his own hand while punching his fists against each others during his entrance????????? :-s Is this a joke? lol

Sorry too bad, seems like Hicks just got beaten by... himself!!! lollll Weirddddddd

Just a quick clarification on the Hicks/Valimaki affair.

Marcus Hicks was rolling with his cornerman about 5:30 in the ring. In the mount Hicks deliberately punched the ring barehanded (one punch with each hand). After the prelims, he went to ask a doctor about it, was told it was broken and the fight was scratched.

Hicks's ridiculous actions were not tolerated by the MFC and he was escorted from the building. Victor was very disappointed he didn't get to fight and "shut up" Hicks.

Good news though. It will be Hollett vs. Valimaki at MFC Lucky 13 on Aug. 24.

Here are the quick results:

Scott Junk wins MFC World Heavyweight title as Jimmy Ambriz does not answer the bell for the second round.

Roger Hollett KO over Shane Biever 16 seconds Round 1

Fabio Holanda TKO (ground and pound tapout) over Shaun Krysa in Round 2

Ryan McGillivray split decision win over Graydon Tannas

Andrew Buckland tapout (guillotine choke) over Sean Wright Round 2

Ryan Ford TKO over Aaron Gallant Round 2

Jason Zorthian tapout (armbar) over Kevin Dolan 35 seconds Round 1

Jason Biggeman tapout (kimura) over Gerry Johnson Round 1

Josh Kyrejto TKO over Dylan Walton Round 2

Josh Gallant def. Dustin Graber

Brad Zazuak def. Ron McNulty

Scott Zerr, MFC

tnx Scott to clear the thing out.! It sounds kinda weird the way it was told in the other post! lol

Scott, thanks for the info...I misunderstood what my friend said and assumed it happened immediately before the fight.

Do you figure Hicks broke his hand deliberately? Or was he just messing around?

Also, what was the fight of the night?

Victor won by mental intimidation!

Hollett's power was scary! WOW!

Hicks you talk a big game and pull this shit you are a true bum

Marcus was warming up and went to throw a fake hook from mount to cradle Dave Pogson's head in order to begin throwing elbows. As his hand came down to the mat and his fist opened up, his finger got caught on the mat, snapped back and a bone in his hand snapped.

Thats the best way I can describe it. It was a freak injury and Marcus was totally torn apart!!

"his opponent was a joke... "

"His opponent for Friday has gone through several incarnations, as first Jason Day decided to drop to middleweight, then Floyd Sword dropped out so that he could meet Thales Leites (Pictures) on The Ultimate Fighter 5 finale on Saturday, and finally American Top Team's Tom Lawlor injured his ankle."

Not rogers fault he's a scary dude.

When was Hicks escorted out, cuz he was sitting close to me pretty much the whole card, and I saw him and a teammate walk out after the show with everyone else. Didn't look like he was kicked out at all.

Despite some of Marcus's pre-fight antics and what not,he is a a very humble cat, and tries to just play up the "heel" role, otherwise how else would he have gotten a shot against Valimaki. Granted, You do owe it to the fans, the promoter and most importantly your opponent to get in there regardless of an injury sustained during the warm up.The Athletic Comission would not allow Marcus to figth with the brokenm Hand.Its too bad,Marcus is always entertaining and Victor is a great fighter.Would have been fun to see

I dont think he deserves the chance to fight Victor again.

TTT For Hicks

I have to agree that in person Marcus is a classy and respectable guy, for sure.

He does play up the heel role on here though.

And as to his not fighting-Safety is paramount lots of guys fight with broken hands. Then again only Marcus knows how bad it was. And he might pirate your events and he might be a dick but it is still a sport not an execution(which is what it would have been if he couldn't use his hand against valimaki).