Any MMA events tonight in Chicagoland or Indiana?

 Was just wondering if there were any fights going on in Chicago or Hammond Indiana, etc.. Trying to get my fix, if possible, lol.


There's some ammy MMA going on at the Odeum in Villa Park, I think. Where the hell've U been??

 Ive been around, man :)  Keeping busy. Going to the Fedor Hendo fight in a few weeks. You gonna be there?

Of course, I'll see you there.

 Just looked at Odeum's site. I dont see anything

It's tonight, trust me. RayFloresAnnouncer is gonna be there.

 cool! thx bro

Anytime brother. See U at SF.

Damn, you should of hit me up, there was an MMA event in Villa Park, my student Jake won his 3rd amateur fight by TKO in round 2!